The Hollyford Track is the only major low altitude track in Fiordland National Park that can be walked all year round - it also connects to the Fiordland coastline.

This 56km, four day (one-way) tramping track starts at the Lower Hollyford Road and leads to the old port of Martins Bay. Situated among the sheer rock walls of the Darren Mountains, the track follows the Hollyford River/Whakatipu Ka Tuka on its journey to the sea.

The Department of Conservation provides and maintains huts on the Hollyford Track. Each hut has heating, mattresses and a pit toilet. Fees are charged per person per night. All huts require three Backcountry Hut Tickets per night, apart from McKerrow Island Hut (one Backcountry Hut Ticket per night). Tickets should be purchased in advance from a DOC office.

 The length of the valley and its remote location on the border between Fiordland and the West Coast makes access difficult, particularly to the coastal area. Add to this the challenges of the well named ‘Demon Trail’ alongside Lake McKerrow which climbs unevenly up and down every ridgeline.

Hollyford Track guided walks offers helicopter and jet boat transfers making travel through the valley achievable and far more pleasant.  Transfers operate every second day and are available on specific dates from October to April only.

Please contact Hollyford Track guided walks for jet boat and helicopter transfer dates, availability and bookings on: 03 442 3000 or

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